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We got F-Secure on the security agenda in a close teamwork with their experts.

F-Secure is a Finnish cyber security and privacy company – advising boards and businesses about effective protection from online attacks.

The market is flooded with experts, consultants, and security firms offering to advise organisations about IT security. Traditionally, the sector has used mainly annual or quarterly reports and product launches to draw attention itself.

But times have changed. The number of high profile data breaches and hackings has placed IT security among the media’s favourite topics. At the same time, the number of dedicated IT journalists is falling rapidly, as so is media interest in surveys and reports as sources of news.

It is a fast-paced media landscape where quick hits are the order of the day, and where stories with clickbait potential take priority. To stand a chance, companies need to be current, quick off the mark and able to put spokespeople forward at a moment’s notice.

Video is courtesy of F-sucure
A dynamic communications strategy and close collaboration with F-Secure’s experts delivers good media relations.

Newsjacking demands a swift response

In close collaboration with F-Secure, we have developed a dynamic media strategy, which means: A flexible, quarterly communications plan with headline themes focused around issues rather than products. This gives us the flexibility to react quickly at all opportune moments, and the ability to position F-Secure spokespeople as experts rather than salespeople.

Close collaboration with experts. Rather than always working through the communications department, we also go directly to F-Secure’s experts. This gives us valuable first-hand insights into their work and where the business is heading.

Daily media monitoring. Yes, of course we monitor the press. And because our communications plan is dynamic, and because we work so closely with the experts, we are able to react immediately as relevant news is breaking. Understanding journalists and the increasing pressures they work under.Our approach is always to deliver a good story, rather than simply ‘selling’ F-Secure.

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