Communication across disciplines

PR, advertisement, sociale media
Sold HDS
Dedicated craftsmen
New dealers
The launch of ESSVE HDS went across multiple disciplines. From media relations, social media to video production and advertisement.

How do you launch a brand new product, meant to introduce the brand to new suppliers and gain a foothold in the Danish market, when it is already sold out? This was the challenge Kudos was asked to take on for ESSVE back inSpring 2016.

ESSVE was launching a system for a concealed decking installation for outdoor patios (HDS – Hidden Decking System). The product was so unique and brilliant that other Nordic suppliers secured the entire first batch forthemselves, ahead of the launch in Denmark.

The advertising campaign for HDS was aimed at joiners and carpenters – specifically those who specialized in building patios during the busy spring season.Simultaneously, the campaign was meant to capture the attention of procurement teams at builders’ merchants during autumn. The HDS system was critical to securing ESSVE a foothold in the Danish retail market.

Video is courtesy of ESSVE
For ESSVE, the challenge was not simply to launch a new product, but to penetrate the Danish market.

A multi-stage product-launch

Our strategy was to hit the market at key intervals over the course of the year. We began by creating a buzz around the launch, ahead of the springtime patio-building season. Once the product was actually available inAutumn, we aimed our efforts at retailers – highlighting the success HDS had already enjoyed in other Nordic countries. Finally, the following spring, we revitalised interest in the product through competitions and advertising campaigns.

The campaign used tactics from PR, advertising, social media and successfully engaged with product ambassadors. The result was 50 articles in the trade press and interest in the product from 300 tradesmen. It also secured ESSVE deals with 145 new distributors and ultimately delivered 1,500 HDS product sales.

The campaign won the prestigious Danish award the PR-Tiger 2017 for best campaign for private/public companies, with the reasons: "Good professional communication does not necessarily have to be complicated in its strategic approach, pompous in its way of telling the story or being built on big budgets or aiming to change the world."

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