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For Aftershokz we created a campaign, which didn't evolve around the product. Instead we focused on what you're able to do with the product.

The people behind AfterShokz – an innovative new headphone design – hada limited budget to launch their product across the Nordic, maximise exposure and challenge established brands.

The company has developed a new type of headphones which feature bone conduction technology. It allows sounds to travel through the cheekbones to the inner ears, by passing the eardrums completely. This unique technology leaves the ear completely free – enabling people to hear their surroundings as well as their music.

Video is courtesy of AfterShokz
Owed to a carefully considered strategy, we reached seven million people who do sports, in just seven months.

Carefully considered strategy delivered results

Promoting an unknown brand, introducing and launching a completely new technology across three target markets called for a carefully considered strategy.

We decided to focus on the product as a sports accessory. Its quality should be judged on user experience rather than sound quality or technology.

Working within a start-up budget meant we had to identify the shortest route to our target audience. So we aimed our efforts at influencers within running and cycling, using various different channels but especially Instagram.

In just seven months, we reached seven million people. That is the entire number of people estimated to do sports across the Nordic countries who will now have had AfterShokz personally recommended to them, and we never spent a penny on sponsored posts.